Using a combination of base and precious metals, I construct sheets whose patterns are created by these methods of assembling. I form the resulting metal sheets into sculptural vessels, deciding on a shape by responding to the pattern of the metal. Applying the same chemical patination to the whole object affects the mixed metals in varied ways, producing contrasting colours that highlight the structure of the sheet.

My practice revolves around hands-on experimentation in the workshop, making samples to develop and refine new techniques, and meticulously recording each process in order to be able to recreate a desired effect. I combine the mixed-metal fusing processesĀ I have developed with traditional silversmithing techniques to create work which is both contemporary and grounded in tradition. Working with metal is endlessly fascinating to me, particularly its ability to disguise itself as a more fragile material, or resemble living things caught in a snapshot of movement, growth or decay.

I grew up in a remote part of the Highlands, and have always loved wild places and natural objects. I do not directly use natural or found materials in my work, but rather explore intuitively with metal, and find that my admiration for the complexity, order and chaos of such forms and places surfaces indirectly.